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We invite you to join us for world class white water rafting on the Futaleufú river in Patagonia!
Experience a safari-style base camp river journey with the most experienced guides on the planet. You will paddle, hike, horse ride, fly fish, ducky, and Yoga it up to your heart’s content! Join us during Austral summer- December through March.

About BIO BIO Patagonia

Your International crew of all-star river guides will make you feel like family the moment you step into the pristine wilderness and grab a paddle!

When you tackle the mighty rapids of the Fu, you will want to be with our safety crew, who is looking out for you while you take the plunge through stampeding white water!

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Fly fishing



This is how we do it!

Camp Amenities: Safari tents, hot tubs, sauna, hot showers, massage, yoga decks, rope swing, open bar, micro brewery and 24/7 espresso cafe! Delicious and abundant cuisine! Wine tasting.

Find Your Adventure

Fly to Santiago Chile and transfer onto a domestic flight to Puerto Montt. First-night stay in Puerto Varas at Hotel Cumbres on Lago Llanquihue with a glorious view of volcano Osorno. Sleep riverside for the next seven nights at the world-class bio base camp on the Futaleufú River!


You all have built such special place here at the amazing beautiful Futaleufu. Seeing the love you all have for this place radiates throughout the rest of the camp, crew, and guests. Thank you for welcoming us like family; we are so grateful to spend this time with you all. We have felt so safe and comfortable with our guides and Stancito AKA “Stangi” AKA” “Roxanne” AKA “Buckets”! We truly can not thank you enough for such a magical week and we will count the moments until we can return and join you again. However long it takes us it will be worth every second. Gracias!

Amber & Chris 2022

It started with a stunningly beautiful plane ride from Puerto Montt to Chaiten and got better. Arriving at camp, we could not believe the setup, the mountains, the hills, and of course the Futaleufu; Paradise.. and it got better, the people. Lorenzo toured us around this incredible family / adventure/ way of life, he has built  with the help of many.  We met our tent captains, and loved their energy and connection to each other and this place.  And there was more, Jenner Fox!  A gift to Bio Bio and us all.  Derik, our trip leader, gentle and competent all after 4 planes and 2 travels days, it was all worth it for this amazing and unforgettable week.  We loved everything and everyone.  We love you all.

Annie & Cindy (mother/daugher) 2020

BioBio was rustic glamping at its very best! People, setting, adventures, food—it couldn’t have been better! I loved being on the river. No matter the weather, temperature, or craziness of the water, I never felt uncomfortable or like I wanted to be anywhere else!

This has been an epic adventure for me and my family. Thank you for welcoming us into this incredible extended Fu Family! The love, hospitality, & warmth you have all extended has been worderful. Now, The Food! Phenominal home cooking flowed freely! YUM!

Alina & Doug 2022