Paddling the Futaleufú River in Patagonia

Our adventures are led by a crew of international river superstars who are establishing a new standard of excellence in the rafting and kayaking world. They are known for their friendly and caring hospitality and their knowledge of the culture, history, and ecology of Patagonia. Safety is always a priority, and we are proud to have been chosen to be the official safety team for the 2000 International Whitewater Challenge on the Futaleufú River in Chile.

At Bio Bio Patagonia, our team is closely tied together by a genuine desire to make your adventure with us pure magic.  We intend to exceed your expectations and offer an authentic, unique journey to one of the planet’s most astonishing places! Whether you are navigating your own inflatable kayak through the  Rio Azul canyon, riding your horse through open fields, awakening and starting your day with Yoga practice, hiking up the Tres Monjas Peaks,  blue ribbon fly fishing the clear waters of the Futaleufú or padding your raft through stampeding class IV-V rapids, our goal is that you will absolutely love your experience with us!

Patagonia Dreaming

Asados, gauchos, and drinking mate…Just the beginning of your authentic immersion into local culture that remains intact and charming!

Join us during Austral summer- December through March

Multi-Sport Adventure

You will enjoy yoga, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, hiking, fly fishing, spa Olympics, and stargazing around a campfire.