The Futaleufú River and surrounding lakes and tributaries provide one of the most productive fisheries on the planet! The dominant rainbow and brown trout populate the eddies and deep pools. Various world-class fishing lodges are established on the banks so that Futaleufú can access its blue ribbon waters. The advantage that the Bio Bio Patagonia camp and set up offers is being able to access the sections of the river where the banks are inaccessible due to vegetation or you have to run whitewater to get your cataraft craft to float into the various “honey pots” or aquariums that syncopate the 45 km of Futaleufú river on its journey to Lago Yelcho. This is where the huge lake trout reside. They are as enticing as elusive, but oh so much fun to hook!

We support best fishing practices, non-motorized crafts on rivers, and of course, catch and release. We furthermore encourage fishing enthusiasts to bring their fishing gear with them and a significant variety of flies. We do have and provide basic fishing equipment for spin casting and for fly fishing for our guests. But nothing is better than fishing with your own tried and tested rod!

About The rivers

The Rio Azul is a small volume glacial fed stream that provides terrific from-shore casting opportunities for an abundant catch ratio, but overall the fish will be a lot smaller due to the silt in the water that attenuates their gills before they have a chance to get big.

The Rio Esoplon, which flows out of the 30 km-long Lago Espolon, is gin clear and also sports some significant Trout populations. It is a mellow class II river easily floated in a cataraft.





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