The Valdivian cold rainforest

One of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet!

There are many incredible and extremely remote hiking opportunities in the Futaleufú Valley. There are long hikes, steep hikes, and of course, long and steep hikes! The valley floor near our Bio Bio Patagonia camp is measured at 660 feet, with 6 and 7-thousand-foot peaks surrounding us on all sides. A beautiful hike starts just 2 km from camp, and you will hike up through an intact ancient, old-growth forest where you will feel tiny amongst the towering 700-year-old Coihues and Mañio trees. The canopy effect of the towering trees allows for the Rhododendrons on the forest floor to provide an ideal habitat to a large variety of birds and ferns, lichen, and mushrooms. 

About The HIKES

The hike to Lago El Obsession will get your heart rate up as you climb 2500 feet over a steep 3-mile trail. You will get to the waterfalls that cascade and tumble through the Lenga trees. It provides the perfect water fountain to refill your water bottle with ice-cold and crystal-clear snowmelt. As you climb to the top of the waterfall, you will round a saddle and stumble upon a virgin blue Alpine lake backed by sheer cliffs that support the Obsession hanging glacier that feeds the lake with its hundreds of shiny ribbons of glacial melt. From this high up above the Futaleufú, you might also have a chance to see eye to eye the soaring condors who love these cliffs and thermals, which allow them to float away in seconds to much greater heights!!




Fly fishing

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