Horseback Riding

We take a short 15 minute drive to the stables owned by Ximena Toro where we will find our trusty steeds saddled up and ready for adventurous riding. After a safety briefing, we ride alongside Ximena and one of her four kids, who are all expert equestrians and one of own river guides who will gladly join the posse up a glorious trail towards the Tres Monjas. We ascend about 1500 ft to our friend’s refugio “La Indulgencia” to enjoy our lunch al fresco. From this high perch on the saddle of the mountain, we have a 290-degree view of the entire Futaleufú valley, including an eagle-eye view of the huge class V rapid “Throne room.” After soaking up the views we descend from our “porch like setting” and return to river level where we trade in our horses for the Bio Bio vehicle that will take us back to camp. This is a dry day and you will be resting your paddling muscles and giving your legs and glutes a workout! You will be glad to return to camp to enjoy a hot shower and the soothing hot tub and or Sauna! The ride can be hot and dusty, so it is no uncommon for guests and staff to jump in the river with clothes on to rinse and cleanse! Then send your laundry off to the ladies Ximena Soto and her aunt Nelli . Of course our staff will gladly serve you a beverage of choice! On hot days we usually have sun tea which is a superbly refreshing drink over ice and some fresh mint from the garden! Professional massage is once again available upon request! Total length of the outing is about 4-5 hrs. We limit the group size to 12 riders so that our Chilean wranglers can manage the posse! If our camp is full with 24 guests, we flip flop riding with the Ducky descent of the Rio Azul. One day you ride, the other you Ducky down!!





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