We offer both hard shell kayaking and inflatable kayaking, AKA “the Ducky!”

For expert kayakers, you will be able to run the whole river to your heart’s content! For novices, we offer a beginner kayak clinic over two afternoons after rafting on a mellow section of the Fu..
If you are intermediate, you can do a combo of rafting and work on your kayaking skills with one of our world-class instructors.
For the Ducky experience, we venture up the low-volume Rio Azul for our third river day and challenge ourselves in single and double duckies where you have your own destiny in your hands. Your guides will be there with you to look for you and coach you in your efforts. It is an 8-mile run of class II and III rapids that is quite technical. It is humbling to learn to navigate the drops and slalom run around the rocks yet deeply satisfying as the learning curve is steep and gratifying. The goal is to feel like a pro by the end of the run! If you love it so much you can do it again the next day and sub out your horse riding day. Flexibility is our strength and making sure you are having the best time all the time is our forte.




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