Yoga & Stretching to move your body

A pre-breakfast, nonjudgmental yoga class is available on our yoga platform with breath-giving river views. If it rains, we have a beautiful indoor yoga room! Mornings tend to be cool and crisp, so you will layer up and then down as the sun warms you!

No experience necessary! It has been called by many “the most spectacular yoga space on the planet!”

Our Yoga sessions for some become a trip highlight as Ms. Terry’s soothing voice and gentle Yin- Yoga style allows you to warm up, unwind and stretch muscles you may have not used in a while. It restores and resets the body after the long and beautiful journey to get to the bio bio “Oasis” on the banks of the magical Futaleufú river! Lorenzo leads a portion of the practice with a Yan- Yoga style. He often remarks he is no longer 25 but the Yoga practice allows him to go out on the river everyday and run his safety cat with keen attention to safety. His style tends to be a bit more high energy and you will start getting pumped to go out on the day’s adventures! Whether that be rafting, kayaking, horse riding or tackling the rapids of the rio Azul by Inflatable kayak! (Ducky) The Yoga style is unique and has been adapted from Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Karma Yoga, Pilates, and soccer training. We end class with Svasana and tuck you in with blankets and provide lavender scented eye pillows to allow you to settle into the magic of the most important of the Yoga poses! The session will last about an hour and often is serenaded with music at the end. If you are inclined to add to your Yoga and wellness practice, we also have a magical cold plunge pond next to the lower hot tub. We also offer black tea and herbal teas to complement you taking care of yourself!





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