Live Music

on the Futaleufú with Jenner Fox & Jeremy Elliott

Bio Bio Patagonia will host musical duo Jenner Fox & Jeremy Elliott at their award winning Patagonia base camp for a week of soulful live music and Futaleufú river time!

Jenner Fox is a prolific troubadour with eight original albums in ten years on the road. His critically acclaimed songwriting tells the stories of people and places with unparalleled compassion and respect. Fox comes from a family of river guides, and spent 5 seasons working on the Futaleufú river and writing songs about the valley.

Jeremy Elliott is a multi-genre spanning guitarist, composer, producer, and songwriter hailing from the guitar mecca of Macon Georgia. He brings a wealth of blues, rock, bluegrass, country, and West African elements into his unique style of virtuoso.

The acoustic duo is based out of Bellingham, WA.